What we are fundraising for

The Craniofacial surgery team at Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is committed to giving each patient the best possible chance in life. But further leaps forward are only possible with investment in research and development.


Therefore part of every fee we generate at Hamilton Private Clients Ltd is donated to this extremely worthy cause.


An Ambitious programmE

Top craniofacial surgeons, Owase Jeelani and Davis Dunaway, aim to undertake an ambitious five year programme to revolutionise surgery for children with craniosynostosis.


Research and development will focus on:

• Developing pioneering new, and less cumbersome, devices (distractors) to surgically move the skull and face.

• Improving understanding of the anatomical problems of children with craniosynostosis to enable precise computer simulations to plan a child's surgery.

• Improving the accuracy and safety of craniofacial surgery by investing in high-end equipment and new endoscopic systems.

For further information please go to: http://www.gosh.org/gen/facevalue