The Benefits

To some, utilising a buying agent is a complete necessity, but for those who are unsure, here are a few examples of where we come into our own:

Being independent from any of the main estate agents ensures that we can act with complete impartiality, and therefore advise with your best interests at heart.

Viewing houses that turn out to not be suitable can be very dis-heartening and the requirement for fleet of foot is more valuable than ever in this competitive market. Hamilton Private Clients Ltd ensures that you only look at properties that are applicable to your search criteria, saving you time and disappointment.

With teamwork being at the heart of what Hamilton Private Clients Ltd do, and with a high percentage of the best houses never coming to the 'open' market, we'll open doors to properties you otherwise might not have considered, let alone seen.

Due to the structure and location of Hamilton Private Clients Ltd, we are able to cover our core areas, of Hampshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire with speed and efficiency - making sure that our clients don't miss any opportunities.

When making what is invariably the largest purchase in your life, you need to be 100% happy that every single facet of the area and the property being bought, has been forensically examined - something we at Hamilton Private Clients Ltd pride ourselves on.

Buying a property can be a complicated and stressful process. Through experience, preparation and diligence, we know the information that matters, where to look for it and how to inform you of anything that might affect your decision-making, even before the need to ask arises.

With an intricate knowledge of everything from property values to running costs, we work hard to save you money, which can in turn be appropriated towards your dream home.

Whether it be schools, local facilities, the best (and worst) areas to be, or the details of any individual house, we make sure that you are completely 'in the know' throughout the whole process.